Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another great day

We had another fabulous day. Last night she did wake up about 11pm with I think a tummy ache, didn't cry but just fussed a little, had some air bubbles come out and then was back to sleep about Midnight. Needless to say between jet lag and her being up, I am beat today.

We walked to the park today and then to the vegetable market, came home took a nap (well she did, I couldn't fall asleep) and then we headed out for Italian food. She will try just about any food, tonight it was tomatoes. She loved them, she has about 4 slices of them. She had a little fettucine, salal, bread, and french fries but mostly she liked the ketchup. She was licking it off of the french fries.... She is too funny!

She has a HUGE personality and loves to try and make us laugh. We are in for the night and praying it is an early one. We are also praying her passport comes back tomorrow so we can leave early Saturday morning. If it doesn't come in, well we won't even go there...

Goodnight from Almaty!


  1. It WILL come back and you will get home on Saturday because it's National Adoption Day and I can't think of a better way to celebrate!

  2. I pray it comes back. Great that she is such a good eater. I can see she is resilient and it sounds like everything is going smoothly with her!