Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It is hard for me to grasp that this time next week I will be holding my 4th daughter in my arms Forever and maybe already heading home. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would have 4 BEAUTIFUL girls! God has been so good to us!

A little about our exit process (for those that don't know how it works) : Monday Nov. 15 we will pick up Selah and say Goodbye to the BH. Since her passport will not be back until Friday the 12th now, it looks like our exit interview with the US Embassy will either be Wednesday the 17th or Friday the 19th. If it is Wed, we will leave Thursday morning Kazakhstan time and be home Thursday night USA time. If it is Friday, we will leave Saturday morning and arrive home Saturday night. We will keep you all posted!They have already done her medical exam and her Embassy packet so now we are just waiting on the Passport to be finished. Praying hard it is back Friday or we will be delayed in country.

Funny story, Yesterday when they took her to the SOS clinic for her medical exam, (she had no motion sickness at all- PRAISE THE LORD)my coordinator took her to lunch at a restaurant when they were done. She said that she ate and drank and used her napkin like a big girl. She was so proud of her. Ayman also talked to the BH doctor this morning and she told her that Every time Selah sees her now she asks to go in the car and go back to Almaty. I hope she stays that excited when we get there!!

3 more sleeps!!!!!


  1. Yay! Three more sleeps! Can't wait to see new pictures of Selah.

  2. This is so exciting!!!! We are counting down with you -- cannot wait to see picture of Selah in your arms again!! So happy that you will all be home before Thanksgiving. What a wonderful Thanksgiving it will be!!

  3. You will have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!! And 4 girls...that is A LOT of turkey!! So excited for you all ~Erin

  4. So so excited for you! Give the BH love from us, praying everything will go smoothly & she adjusts well. ((hugs))