Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What we know so far

About Selah so far...

She is so happy, it is like she has been ours Forever.

She likes her sleep, 10 1/2 hours last night and a 2 hour nap today. Both times she woke up dry.

She loves to drink. I think because there drinking is limited at the BH she has not let her sippy down.

She ate her first ice cream and ketchup today (not together).

She sat through a 2 1/2 hour dinner and never made a scene.

She still hates the bath, but didn't scream half as much.

She is a perfectionist and has to put everything back the exact place she found it, even her shoes.

She has talked to her sisters (all of them) and can already say Addi and Sissy. She is still workingo n Haven.

She has not had one accident in her panties yet and has told me everytime she needs to go the bathroom. (which I must say that girl has lots of poop, whew).

She already is listening, understanding and trying english. She is already saying Potty Mommy & more please.

She likes to look at everything up close (maybe glasses for this sweet girl).

She loves her Daddy and mommy and gives us kisses freely.

She loves to be cuddled, rubbed, rocked, loved and kissed.

She loves to have her hair fixed.

She is already answering to Selah but if you ask her her name she says Anelya.

She is pretty quiet natured and not at all 90 miles an hour. She even plays by herself good.

She learns super fast. You only have to tell her one time and she does it right the next time. Like stickers, she was putting them sticky side up, I showed her how to stick them sticky side down. Now every time she looks for sticky side to put down.

She is a champ at the resturant and has eaten at 2 already today.

She will try any food and does not inhale it. (Like her sister did for 2 months).

She is V-E-R-Y tiny. 24 months clothes are fitting her right now. 2t are big but the length is okay on them. 18 months is too short. She is wearing a size 3 to 4 shoe. Depends on the make. Her tennis shoes are 4 and fit fine but her dress shoes are 4 and are big.

Oddly enough nothing seems to surprise her, she takes everything is stride. If I didn't know better I would think she was raised in a loving home not an orphanage. She doesn't even try to get into anything in the apartment.

SHE is amazing in every way possible. We know that people have been praying for her since last December and we can tell! It is amazing how Good our God is. I know that we are still in "our honeymoon stage, so I haven't counted my chicken yet, but so far it is looking like a good transition! Keep the prayers coming we are definitely feeling them!!

We are so blessed to have so many friends in Kazakhstan. Today we got up around 7:30 (well I was up at 2 and 4 also but finally actually got out of bed). Ate breakfast here in the apartment, eggs and toast, waited for the internet guy to fix out internet (HE DID Thank Goodness) then we headed to the park. It was pretty cold today and we weren't out long. We then met Aijan ( Ayman's sister) and Yeleman ( butchered that I am sure) her son and our favorite Chinese place for lunch. Selah did awesome and ate like a champ! We had a fabulous visit with Aijan and her son. What wonderful awesome people. She even had real tears rolling down her face when she would look at Selah at times and Said God is so good. I love the people here! She talked to Selah for us. Aijan asked her is she was happy, she said yes. then she told Aijan "mama and papa came back" Talk about tear up! She kept telling her mama brought me this toy, mama brought me these clothes and that is my papa! She said the she wasn't scared and happy about mama and papa. She sat in her chair the entire time just looking around, at us, eating her food, drinking her tea.

After lunch we came to the apartment and took a nap, All 3 of us. 2 hours!!! It was much needed for all of us. When we got up we got around a little, played and then left for dinner with some friends that we met on our bonding trip. He is he working for colgate and she helps at 3 orphanages in the region of Almaty with the international womans club and she knew Selah before we did. It was them and their 4 kids and we had a blast. Selah was the ham of the night. Dancing, playing, laughing. She ate all of her mashed potatoes and fish sticks and drank all of her juice. It was like she had been to resturants her whole life. Even Jen (the wife) said that was the best dinner she has had with a 3 year old her whole life!

As Brad and I sit here while she is sleeping we can't help to think about and be thankful for all of the people who have been praying for us and for her. The power of prayer is amazing and it is at times like this when we really know the God is with us always and he truly answers prayers when you have faith in him!! I know we are not out of the woods with her on grieving and sadness but so far it has been a seemless transtition, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Good night from Kazakhstan!!

Pictures will come later when gmail quits acting up :)

I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.
Matthew 17:20


  1. Awesome! You are so lucky to have such a sweet and bright daughter, sounds like she fits in fine with your family! Does she know she will be going on a plane? I love seeing how wonderful you all are doing.

  2. Awww, I just heart all of you!!! She is a true blessing for all of us to see. I cannot wait to see you after Christmas or maybe before?? ;) You asked if you ever stop grieving (us not them) over what they missed out for the first 3 years....my answer would be that it will come up over and over again in different situations and you will just thank God for the fact that He promises in His word to restore the wasted years and to bring beauty from the ashes. We are put in their lives to declare God's love for them and his plan for them and we can have peace knowing that He had His hand over all the rest. It is in our nature to wish things would have been different for our dear children especially on the hard days.....I can't tell you how many times I have gotten so mad about his life before because of how it affects him now but I rest in the fact that God knows all that and he has got it and Nick under his wing. So that's my answer. ;) Love you all! k

  3. WOW! Thank You, God, for our precious little Selah, for her adjustments, for her excitement of going with her mama and papa without any hesitation, and for the joy they are all bringing to each other! What a blessing to those of us watching and waiting for the return and reuniting of the Segebarth family. Thanks so much, Stacy, for allowing us to be a part of this experience with you all! Hugs and more prayers, Lenita

  4. Geez, how can anyone post after Karen's comments?! I've got nothin' after that! :-) Well, I guess I can at least say, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! I love reading every single word about your sweet Selah. We are just so happy for you all, and we cannot wait until you are all home together as a family forever.

  5. Just catching up on the blog posts from this past week, sounds like despite the visa drama all is going well!!! Selah is gorgeous x 100!!! I am thrilled for you all and can't wait to see the pics of the WHOLE family together. What a wonderful holiday season you will have this year!