Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got our official court date! We leave next Friday and will be in Kaz less than a week. I sure hope they let us see sweet Selah. I am missing her SOOOO much! I am ready for this phase of the adoption to be over, I am ready for her to be officially ours and start the waiting phase to bring her home!

It is surreal to think she could really be home before Christmas. I love thinking that it could be the BEST Christmas present that we could ever receive. So wish us luck and pray hard that we get a YES!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

No news

Is good news, right??????? Patience is soooo not my strong point.

But right now I am listening to John Waller's song.... "While I'm waiting" and I have peace. Total peace and I am comforted by his words. Maybe tomorrow is our day...

I will let you know as soon as I know!

Thanks for the support and prayers!
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Soon we will be......

ON OUR WAY BACK TO KZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our date is not set in stone yet but our tentative date is soon. Let's just say we won't be gettin a good deal on plane tickets, and this is the one time we sure won't complain!!!! We sent our passports off today for that sweet little visa we will be needing to enter the country and were told that we should have our "date" set in stone by Thursday!!! God really does answer prayers!

We also got our letter from the pediatrician today urging the judge to expedite our case, so she can get home and get the medical care she needs.

We are praising GOD in very big ways today, VERY! Let me just tell you, I KNOW that the only reason our court date is so soon is because God's handprint is all over it!! So Today and always, I am praising him!

Selah we are coming sweetheart! Hang on tight hunny, you will never have to spend another birthday alone, I promise!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prayer time with Haven

H: Dear Jesus, I pray for my squito bites to go away and that Selah comes home. I pray that court is quick. Amen

Me: That was nice Haven. I am glad you want Selah to come home soon.

H: Mom are we going to get another baby?

Me: After Selah?

H: Yes, she can sleep in the toy room.

Me: Ummm, no Haven, Selah is it.

H: MOM, I want another sister but smaller than Selah.

Me: Well Sissy is having a baby and that baby will be smaller than Selah.

H: Mom, Look at me (Hmm I wonder where she has heard that, haha) I Said I want another sister and she can sleep in the toy room.

Me: Okay Haven right now we need to focus on getting Selah home okay.

H: Okay and then we can get another one.

Mr : Hahahahahahah

Monday, September 13, 2010

We're Home

We are home, safe and sound and loving our time with the girls! We will keep you posted about news we here. We are "not so patiently" waiting for a court date! Praying it is soon!!
Soon her hands will be on ours Forever!
Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Paka for now...And Happy Birthday


The sun will come out tomorrow..

I know it will, I know it will.

Today was a good day. We celebrated Selah's birthday today with her group. She was very distant today almost like she knew we were leaving. Maybe God is answering our prayers to guard her heart. She wouldn't let me or Brad hold her and she didn't care that we were playing with the other kids, she didn't care. Toward the end She let Brad push her on the swing and laughed from the bottom of her belly. Saying goodbye was rough (on me) but she did let me hold her while we said goodbye. I cried big crocodile tears and she laid her head down on my shoulders. Brad said goodbye, he is ready to go home so we can come back to get her. We saw the BH doctor on the way in to take her back to the group, I started crying again. She told Selah that Momma and Papa had to go away for a little bit and that we will be back soon to get her. I handled it better than I thought I would. It is very hard to watch your daughter walk down the hall to her group and know that you will not tucking her in for a few more months.

We are hoping and praying that our paperwork is submitted to court soon. we will keep you updated on everything that happens. Thanks you all for your comments (we LOVED them-they kept us going) and your support and prayers.

We are ready to be her Mom and Dad and love her like she has never been loved before! Soon and very soon! We are headed out early and are ready to see our girls back home!!

See you on the other side!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Black eyed Beauty

Just another manic Monday

We got up, talked to the girls. All of them! Addi was spending the night with a friend to hopefully get her mind off her Mommy and Daddy being gone. We have so much support and the best people in our lives! I know I have said that 100 times this trip, but seriously we could not have done it without you all!

Selah was a rare form today. She has mastered the fit throwing. I guess like someone said she is testing the waters. I know it is all a part of bonding and if that means she is bonding with us she is bonding GOOD! LOLOL! When we got there she Ran FULL SPEED AHEAD TO MEET US! Then we noticed she had a black eye. It didn't make us feel so warm and fuzzy to leave her. We don't ever have a translator with us so we can't ask but I am pretty sure someone got her with some kind of a toy or something. She is not the only one that has had a black eye this trip, but what do you expect when you lock 20 2, 3 and 4 year olds in a room by themselves??? Nice play?? HAHA! I am sure if she messes with her big sister Haven's stuff she may have another one. LOL! Her and Brad played tug of war. It was so cute to hear her laugh when he pulled her close. I am going to miss that laugh!

All of the kids came out and they all got to play on the playground. it was the first time in 3 weeks they have let them. They take them out but they don't let them go on the toys. Brad and I think because it is sand and then they will be all dirty and sandy, but I think today was "bath" day (which doesn't happen very often) so maybe it was a special treat. Saying goodbye was hard today, I can't imagine how it will be tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will celebrate her birthday with her group. We bought pastries and juice for the kids. I hope she knows how loved she is already!

Brad and I went to the Tsum to shop for some more souvenirs and I found a picture that I loved. It looks like Heaven in shining down on these Yurts. It is GORGEOUS! He bought it for me for my birthday. I can't believe this trip is almost over. I will miss this place, I really will. If the rest of our family was here, I could stay forever.....

One more post from Kaz until next time...

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Typical day and the Tsum

Russian Pancake

Chocolate for children

A Dombre (Kazakh instrument) made our of plants

The trash, close to the trees where they hang the food

Home sweet home

Do you see the smile face in the clouds? This pictures was taken on the morning of my birthday out of Addison's window. My mom says it is God telling us and her that everything will be okay! Isn't it Amazing?? I have never in my life seen anything so beautiful. I think this picture came at the perfect time in our lives, All of us!!

Last weekend in Kaz for awhile..

Hopefully not too long! :))

We enjoyed our Sunday. We didn't get to go to a church service but we had a devotional time together. We didn't have a way to get anywhere so we had it right here at home. We got up and made fried eggs, hashbrowns and toast (in a fry pan-no toaster). We have figured out once again how we as Americans are so spoiled! We have something that does everything for us. Here we have no dryer (so our clothes are crunchy), no toaster, we have no dishwasher no oven (that works), not automatic igniter on the cooktop (we use matches), no real mattress (just a piece of spongy thing on a box spring), no car (our feet get us everywhere we need to go as it does for most others), no T.V. (in English) and no fast food (anywhere!) . It think that is it, I am sure I forgot something. I am not complaining about how it is here, in LOTS of ways they have something on us. Really I believe we, as a culture, are spoiled. Being here makes me appreciate what we have so much more. Most people here would give their arms to be Americans! We need to be proud to be Americans. Yeah I know not everything is perfect but compared to what it could be, we live pretty darn good!

I had my first real melt down last night, missing the girls, knowing that I am leaving Selah. It is hard and I know some of you have done but 3 weeks is too long to be away from your children. I am hoping that my time away from Selah goes fast and that my girls at home completely recover from their mommy and Daddy being gone this long. I found out that Addi has been crying at night in her bed alone (someone always goes to check on her and she is silently crying-she is fine after a little bit-I thank GOD everyday that so many caring people have been around her loving on her when she needs it) and Haven is acting out (more than usual LOL) with biting and being mean. I am sure they will be fine, I know they will but it is hard for mommy to know I can't comfort them when they need it. Then I thought of Selah looking out the window for us after we leave, forget it. I had a good cry and today I am better. I knew it was only a matter of time before I broke down!

We walked for about 4 hours again today. We have seen alot of dumpster diving and today we finally realized that when the people take there things to the trash, if it is something that is still good, they hang it on a tree in a bag. So when we left after dropping something off, we took a bag of stuff down (apples, the rest of the chicken, and some bread). When we got home about 2 hours later, it was gone. The poverty around here is staggering.

We are now in for the night, prepping to see our girl tomorrow! We are going to watch a movie. We ate russian pancakes with jam and peaches for dinner, since we had a big lunch! Tuesday we are hoping that the BH lets us bring cupcakes and juice to celebrate Selah's birthday with her and the children before we leave. It is not to far off and I am sure we will miss it. I am hoping for her birthday present we can give her a Mommy and Daddy! Goodnight friends!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pictures of around

Selah's schedule

Probably not going to hold in a wreck ( do you see the safety pin?) LOL

Maybe Pasha is here. hahahah

Russian book by William Young (a william young works in Brad's office)

Birthday dinner Place

Iliya, Ayman's Beautiful son! That was a bow I brought her for her baby in her tummy (its a girl and I keep teasing her that she is going to name is Stacy!)

My beautiful flower arrangments for my birthday from Ayman and Yarik!

Our attorney<>

Hay wagon

These sheep are carrying apples for the Shepherd!