Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pictures from 8-31


Pics from 8-30


Groundhog day....

Groundhog day has officially set in! We are on week 2 or doing the same thing everyday. Day in day out same thing! I'm not complaining, I can't imagine anything I would rather be doing, other than have my whole family together here or wait there! LOLOL.

We are still internetless so I have resorted back to the phone. At least I have that.

First, yesterday was a good day. Our visit with selah was fabulous. She finally finally loves the swing. I have the sweetest video of her belly laughing that I will post when our internet gets back up. She is full of energy and laughs. She loves kisses and to hold our hands. She also has a BIG mind of her own too! Whew I'm gonna be in trouble at home with 2 strong headed ones. ;)) Again not complaining! Love it!! After our visit yesterday our driver took us to Ayman's and she made us fried potatoes, borsht and cucumber and tomatoe salad. It was soo yummy. Her and her husband yarik also gave me my birthday present (early). It is a tea set from uzbekistan. It is hand painted and designed with a needle. It is so beautiful! I LOVE it! I will display it with pride in my Kazakhstan cabinet. Which btw if you haven't seen, is upstairs in my house with everything I have bought from here!!

Today our day with Selah started with a sing and dance program for something called "first bell". It is a program they put on because it is the first day of school in Kaz tomorrow. It was super cute. All of the kids were dressed up and dancing and they all got a folder with some crayons and coloring books.
After that was over we went to the visitation room for about an hour. We played with jewelry, cars, toy trucks and blocks. She loves to play but is not a very good sharer. Haha.
We went outside and went for a big walk, where she walked the whole time. She ususally wants to be picked up at least 2 or 3 times. She had a long stick that she walked with the whole time. She hit stuff with it, picked up other sticks with it, and she poked things with it. She was a little quiet when we dropped her off. Not sad just quiet! I hate it!!!!!! I want to explain to her so bad that we are coming back!!
This week is busy for us so I'm sure it will fly by. We are doing the water filtration systems at the BH for Two Hearts that Kazapalooza raised money for this year! We are also going to Zhanyua on Thursday or Friday to see the kids and show Brad the playground that Two hearts built in May. I'm not looking forward to leaving but I am READY to see my girls at home.....
Pictures later I hope our internet is fixed when we get home. Not holding my breathe on that one. Kazakhs run on their own time schedule!
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Soon I hope!!

Don't worry. Our internet is out at our apartment and I can't upload the blog. As soon as it is back up, I will post. Soon I hope!
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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Zhenkov Cathedral~ Built in 1904. It was the ONLY building left standing in the whole city after a massive earthquake in 1911 that leveled Almaty.

So close to home yet so far away



Horse drawn carriage in Panfilov park

This is our kitchen

Our dryer

Our office

Our dining room

Our patio

Our living room
Our bedroom

Post card perfect

Beautiful country


Brad's company is now called Pasha, how funny is that?

We had another fabulous Sunday. We went to church with an American family to another Russian speaking church. We had a national translate for us and after the service we broke up into small groups and prayed. It was so powerful to have a national Kazakh pray for us, our adoption and our family. We in turn prayed for her. She asked for wisdom and open doors in moving to another country to minister God's word. It was a great service!

After church we headed to the Mega mall and ate Pizza hut. It was really good and the closest thing to American pizza that we have had hear. It even had real pepperoni not the sausage stuff that most pizza resturants here serve. We walked around the mega center for a long time after lunch. You would not know it was not in America. Big beautiful mall. Brad and I have noticed that they are trying really hard to make Almaty nicer. Most building are being restored and refinished and there is alot of new construction going on everywhere. Completely different then when we were here in 2007.

We came home a rested awhile and then left for a big 4 mile walk (we think). Brad stopped on the street and paid a lady to use her scale for 10 tenge. That is about 7 cents. Almost every busy corner has a lady with a scale and a fruit stand. we walked up to noodles resturant, it was yummy. Brad is still under the weather so he is takingit easy on the food. He had a terrible stomach bug yesterday along with his cold. I HOPE I don't get it. We only have 8 days left with our baby girl and I'll be darned if I don't make the most of it.

I am really missing my girls at home! It is starting to wear on me but I am focused on what is ahead of me now and have only broken down once. I know they have so many people at home that are loving on them so it makes it easier. I will be a mess when we get on that plane in days. A total mess, I just know it. I break down everytime I watched the video of sweet Selah bobbing her head to the music. Will she be mad at us for leaving, will she remember us, will she be traumatized. I am praying really hard that it doesn't phase her and that she just thinks we are some nice people playing with her for a little while. I have the rest of her life for her to know that I am her momma. Right now it is better off left unsaid.

Please pray for her tender heart, we understand what is happening, she does not. Please pray for a quick court date, I know I ask for that everyday but that is what determines when she will be home. The rest of our lives in riding on that one day where the judge has the chance to change the rest of her life. Thanks my great friends. We love the comments and the support and the prayers. We Love you all!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dancing queen

Saturday Visit

My Daddy didn't feel to hot today, he has a terrible cold and I was wondering why he was laying there?? With my sweater on his head? So I tried to take it and he laughed at me :))

Okay If he won't play today I will not let him sleep either. I will walk up and slide down until he knows I am here :))

Okay nevermind then, I will take my Momma for a walk :))

Do you have to stop to take so many pictures of me, Don't you have enough by now?

Fine I will run to you and JUMP into your arms so you shut that thing off.

Yep they actually wash the pampers. Disgusting I know, but when you are as poor as my BH, it has to be done.

Let's stop and do a little dance!

Hey mom can you show me that pictures so I can see how Beautiful my eyes are ?

This is MY Momma!! I pat her and rub on her and say Momma alot when she holds me.

My Daddy's hand feel so good around me. I have a feeling I am going to be a daddy's girl :))

I have to go back, okay I will lead the way.

Potty time. Yep my cup is numbered and I know which one it is.

Hey mom, can you help me up there and wash my hands. I love it when you wrap your hands around mine!

My space is number #1.

And this is my toothbrush.

Paka Momma! Dasvedanya!

One more hug!

I am getting used to this, Maybe???

Right now we are 3, soon to be 8~~

It was a great day with Selah! She continues to open up more and more. I found out today she is a thumb sucker, just like her bigger Kazakh sister. Saturdays are quiet at the BH. The gates are locked and no one comes in or out and the kids cry more. The whole 2 hours was non stop crying from above. I often wonder how much she cries? If I think about it, I will be sad, so I focus on what has to be done to break her out of here. We have 8 days left with her before we haead home. We are praying for a QUICK court date and QUICK return to bring her home!!! We will miss her birthday this year but no more. Soon we will be a family of 8!!!!!

Tonight we are heading out to dinner with some Americans that live and work here. Should be a good time!! Thanks for the prayers, we are feeling them!!